External Evaluation of the NSF Network for Computational Nanotechnology – Hierarchical Nanomanufacturing Node 2017-12-19T17:35:47+00:00

Project Description

OAERS staff provides STEM program evaluation with attention to culture, equity, and diversity.

The educational and outreach objective for the NCN Hierarchical nanoMFG Node is to promote computation, simulation, and education services to the nanoscience and engineering communities that fully integrates simulation and modeling tool development to create and sustain a robust and diverse pipeline in STEM education from pre-college to graduate studies toward workforce development. Evaluation is an integral component of the NCN Hierarchical nanoMFG Node, and is conducted on a formative and summative basis. We provide useful and valid information about the program’s theory, communication, implementation, recruitment/diversity, effectiveness, outcomes, and sustainability. The evaluation utilizes a Values-Engaged, Educative (VEE) evaluation approach which defines high quality STEM educational programming that effectively incorporates cutting edge scientific content, strong instructional pedagogy, and sensitivity to diversity and equity issues.