OAERS provides consulting services in the areas of research methodology, data analysis, assessment and measurement, and program evaluation. More information about our capacity in these areas is listed below. Our consulting services are led by a team of researchers that include faculty members of the Department of Educational Research Methodology (ERM) at UNCG and the highly accomplished graduate students of ERM.

Research Design and Data Analysis

OAERS offers high quality services related to all aspects of research design, implementation, and data analysis. From quantitative and qualitative instrument design, to data collection, and ultimately data analysis and reporting, OAERS has expert consultants available to provide support. OAERS offers a team of consultants who are leading experts in research methodology and data analysis, and have extensive experience serving as methodological and statistical consultants to private industry, non-profit organizations, and federally funded (e.g., IES, NSF) research projects. Capacity related to research design and data analysis includes:

  • Survey design and instrument development
  • Data collection (on-line and paper-pencil)
  • Data management, data cleaning, and merging data files
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Analysis of variance
  • Linear regression, logistic regression, and the general linear model
  • Multivariate statistical methods
  • Hiearchical linear modeling (HLM; also referred to as multilevel modeling)
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental designs
  • Randomized control trials (RCTs) and cluster randomized control trials (CRCTs)
  • Analysis of mediation and moderation effects
  • Structural equation modeling (SEM)
  • Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis
  • Power analysis
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Case study methods

Assessment and Measurement

OAERS has extensive expertise in a wide range of analyses and practices involved in assessment and measurement. The team of OAERS senior fellows includes several world-renowned experts in assessment and measurement, with decades of combined experience in the testing industry and private consultation related to measurement and test development. OAERS capacity related to assessment and measurement includes:

  • Assessment design
  • Reliability studies
  • Validation
  • Test scoring
  • Classical test theory methods
  • Item response theory calibration
  • Scaling
  • Sandard setting
  • Diagnostic modeling
  • Linking and equating
  • Language testing
  • Differential item functioning
  • Dimensionality analysis
  • Computer adaptive testing
  • Simulation studies used in evaluating computer adaptive tests
  • Preparing relevant test documentation and technical manuals

Program Evaluation

OAERS offers formative and summative program evaluation services to organizations in the fields of education, business, and social and health services.  OAERS faculty are nationally recognized experts in culturally responsive research and evaluation, STEM research and evaluation, and collaborative/participatory research and evaluation. Our services span the spectrum of the program evaluation process, including:

  • Needs assessments
  • Developing logic models and strategic planning
  • Identifying appropriate evaluation methods (design, sampling, questions, survey design)
  • Implementing the program evaluation
  • Focus groups, surveys, observations, and interviews
  • Applying appropriate qualitative and quantitative data collection and analytic methods
  • Attending to issues of social justice, equity, diversity, and cultural responsiveness
  • Preparing just-in-time, ongoing, and final reports